Armoured thermal resistance thermocouple WZPK-231 WZPK2-231

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Armoured thermal resistance thermocouple WZPK-231 WZPK2-231

WR Series Sheathed thermocouple has the features of flexible, high pressure resistance, short thermal response time, durable, etc.
As a measurement of the temperature sensor, and generally used with display instrument , recording instruments and electronic control devices . And also can be the temperature sensor of prefabricated thermocouple. And can measure the temperature of liquids, vapour, gas and solid’s surface ranging from 0--1200℃.

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Code Details
W Temperature instruments
R Thermocouple
1 Thermocouple material
P) Pt-Rh 10--pt S type
N) Cr-Ni& Si  K type
E) Cr-Cu-N  E type
2 Sheathed type
K   simplex
K2  duplex
3 Mounting type
1)plain stem
2)Fixed screw thread
3)Movable screw thread
4)Fixed flange
5)Movable flange
6)Fixed screw thread with tapered thermowell
4 Junction box
0) Basic type
6)Circular interpolation
7)Flat plug
8)Handle type
9)Compensating wire type
5 Working-end type
1)Insulation type
2)Crust type
3)Crust type (Handle type)
4)Insulation type (Handle type)
6 Multiple pair type
3) 3-pair type
4) 4-pair type
5) 5-pair type
6) 6-pair type
7 Junction box material
H) all SST

Armoured thermal resistance thermocouple WZPK-231 WZPK2-231

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