USA SOR stock SOR 101L - K3 - N4 - C1A SOR pressure switch 101L - K45 - N4 - C1A

Product Name:*
USA SOR stock SOR 101L - K3 - N4 - C1A SOR pressure switch 101L - K45 - N4 - C1A

Features and Benefits

 Routine shipments 7 to 10 working days.
 Emergency shipments via air same day.
 Factory service engineers and area factory representatives provide effective and prompt worldwide service.
Wetted Parts
 Wide selection of materials.
Field Adjustable
 Excellent resolution of Set Points, adjustment, no special tools required.
 No-charge factory calibration.
 3 years from date of manufacture. UL, CSA, ATEX, GOST
Approved Models
 Meets most code and customer requirements.

Product Specifications
Pressure Port 1/4” NPT(F)
Maximum Working Pressure
101       500 psi
121      1,000 psi
Wetted Materials
Diaphragm Teflon-Coated Polyimide
O-Ring Buna-N
Pressure Connection 316SS; CF-8M Cast Alloy
Product Specifications
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
For latest revision, see www.sorinc.net.

101NN-EE3-N4-C1A 101NN-EE3-N4-C1A-X373 101NN-K3-N4-C1A 101NN-K3-N4-C1A-TTYYX
101NN-K3-N4-C1A-X373 101NN-K3-M4-C1A 101NN-K3-N1-C1A 101NN-K3-M4-C1A-PP
101NN-KK3-N1-C1A 101NN-K45-M2-C1A 101NN-K45-N4-C1A 101NN-K45-N4-C1A-PK
101NN-K45-N4-C1A-TTX373 101NN-K45-N4-C1A-XX371 101NN-KK45-N4-C1A
101NN-KK45-N4-C1A-TT 101NN-KK45-N4-C1A-X1TT 101RM-KA45-M4-C1A-TTX371
101RN-K3-N4-C1A-YY 101RN-K3-M4-C1A-YY 101RN-K3-N4-C1A-TTYYX373
101RN-EE3-N4-C1A 101RN-EE3-N4-C1A-X 101RN-EE3-N4-C1A-X373
101RN-EE3-N4-C1A-TT 101RN-EE45-N4-C1A-X373 101B3-K3-N4-C1A-CLX373 101B3-K3-M4-C1A-CL 101B3-K3-M4-C1A-CLTT 101B3-KK3-M4-C1A-CLTT 101B3-K3-M4-C1A-TTCL 101B3-K45-M4-C1A-CLTT      101L-K3-M4-C1A 101L-K3-N4-C1A-X371 101L-K3-N4-C1A-X373 101LC-K3-N4-C1A
102AD-EF603-P1-C1A 102AD-EG603-S1-C2A-TT 102AD-EF903-P1-C1A-HBMEX2X371
102W1-AA912-P1-C1A-X 103W1-EE502-N4-C1A 103W1-EE502-N4-C1A-X571 103W1-EE212-N4-C1A
103W1-EE212-N4-C1A-X373 103W1-K212-N4-C1A 103W1-K502-M4-C2A-TTYYPKX
103W1-K502-N4-C1A 103W1-K805-N4-C1A 103W1-KK502-N4-C1A-TTYY

USA SOR stock SOR 101L - K3 - N4 - C1A SOR pressure switch 101L - K45 - N4 - C1A

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About Us

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