USA SOR Pivot Sealed Pressure switch

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USA SOR Pivot Sealed Pressure switch

SOR General introduction:
The explosion proof SOR hermetically sealed pivot seal pressure detector makes sense when plant conditions contain flammable/combustible gases, vapors or dust that dictate UL, CSA or ATEX certifications. (According to the National Electrical Code, the definition of an explosion proof apparatus is a device enclosed in a case that is capable of withstanding a gas or vapor explosion. This means that, should an explosion occur, it will be contained within an enclosure).

Hermetically sealed snap detector

Ranges from 30 in Hg vacuum to 7000 psi
Set point adjustment without declassification of hazardous area
Worldwide agency approvals

Name USA SOR Pivot Sealed Pressure switch 
Certificate of Origin can be provided yes
Country of origin USA
Quality warranty 12 months

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About Us

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