SOR Low Differential Pressure Detectors 107AL - N12 - P1 - F0A SOR 107AL - N40 - P1 - F0A

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SOR Low Differential Pressure Detectors 107AL - N12 - P1 - F0A SOR 107AL - N40 - P1 - F0A

Low Differential Pressure Detectors for Air & Gas Applications

SOR® low differential pressure detectors are robust, field-mounted instruments designed for the process industries. These instruments accurately read very low pressures by utilizing a diaphragm with a large sensing area. The detecting element is SPDT. An external Set Point adjustment with visual indication is standard, allowing for simplified calibration of the detector.

Features and Benefits

 External Set Point adjustment with visual scale
 Fine Set Point resolution
 Narrow dead band
 High repeatability
 UL Listed and CSA Certified snap-action detecting elements
 Screw terminals standard on weathertight detectors; wire leads standard on explosion proof
 Rugged design
 3-year warranty from date of manufacture

Typical models:

107AL-K40-P1-F0A 107AL-K40-P1-F0A-PKTT 107AL-K40-P1-F1A 107AL-K12-P1-F1A-TTX
107AL-K12-P1-F1A-X373 107AL-K12-P1-F0A 107AL-K40-P1-F0A-RRX 107AL-N12-P1-F0A 
107AL-N12-P1-F0A-X 107AL-N12-P1-F0A-XX618 107AL-N12-P1-F1A 107AL-N12-P1-F1A-TT
107AL-N12-P1-F1A-TTYYX373 107AL-N12-P1-F1A-TTYYX810 107AL-N12-P1-F1A-XX371
107AL-N12-P1-F1A-X371 107AL-N40-P1-F0A 107AL-N40-P1-F0A-TT 107AL-N40-P1-F1A
107AL-N40-P1-F1A-PP 107AL-N40-P1-F1A-TT 107AL-N40-P1-F1A-TTX373 107EL-EG12-P1-F0A 
107EL-EG12-P1-F1A-TT 107EL-EF40-P1-F0A 107EL-EG40-P1-F0A
107EL-EG40-P1-F1A-PKTT 107EL-EG40-P1-F1A-X373 107EL-EG40-P1-F1A-RRTBPK

SOR Low Differential Pressure Detectors 107AL - N12 - P1 - F0A SOR 107AL - N40 - P1 - F0A

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