SOR 17S-K3-N4-B1A SOR 17S-K5-N4-B1A SOR 14RB-K2-N4-F1A SOR 14S-K2-N4-F1A

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SOR 17S-K3-N4-B1A SOR 17S-K5-N4-B1A SOR 14RB-K2-N4-F1A SOR 14S-K2-N4-F1A

The Opposed Piston differential pressure detector is generally suited for a variety of process applications ranging from simple air and water to highly corrosive, viscous or slurry service. Its performance is optomized when system (static) pressure is relatively constant. Consult the factory if system (static) pressure varies more than +20% of normal. Easily customized with a wide selection of optional components.

6B3-KK3-M4-C1A-CLTT 6B3-K3-M4-C1A-CL-TT 101NN-K3-M4-C1A 9NN-K45-N1-C1A
9NN-K45-N1-C1A 201V1-EE125-U9-C7A-TT 4NN-K45-M4-C1A 9NN-KK45-N1-C1 
101NN-K45-N4-C1A-TT 107AL-N12-P1-F1A-TT 12NN-K614-N4-B1A 107EL-EG40-P1-F1A 
9AG-EF5-M4-C2A-YY 4L-K45-N4-B1A 9NN-K45-N4-F1A 9NN-K45-M4-C2A-TTYY
54NN-K118-M4-C1A 74V1-K118-N4-B1A 107AL-K12-P1-FOA 4NN-K5-M4-C1A 4NN-K4-M4-C1A
6NN-K3-N4-F1A 5NN-K45-N4-F1A 99V1-K45-S1-C1A 9AC-AD45-M2-F1A 107AL-N40-P1-F1A-PPX371 
18RB-K2-N4-B1A 6LC-KK3-N4-C1A 201V1-K125-U9-C7A 18RB-K2-N4-B1A-MM 12NN-K4-N4-B1A
99V1-K45-N1-C1A 701K1-UP6-C/371U-4-C3A 5LC-K5-N4-F1A-TT 6B3-K3-M4-C2A-CLTT
107AL-N12-P1-FOA-TT-X371 107AL-N12-P1-F0A-TTXX371 54NN-K118-N4-B1A
4NN-K4-N4-B1A 4L-K4-N4-B1A 4NN-K5-N4-B1A 4L-K5-N4-B1A 4NN-K45-N4-B1A
9NN-K45-N1-F1A 534CR-TN50-P9-Z1A-VIRR 201NN-K125-U9-C7A-TTYYPKX373
101RN-EE3-M4-C1A-TT 18RH-KK2-MI-C2A-TTVVYY 103W1-EE502-N4-C2A-TT
55V2-EF5-N4-B1A 55V-K45-N4-B1A 55V2-EF45-N4-B1A 99V-K4-N4-B1A
534CR-TN50-P9-Z1A-VIRR 54NN-K118-N4-B1A-X373 6RN-K4-M4-C2A-YYTT-X371
107AL-N12-MNN-P1-F0A-TT-X2-X371 9NN-K45-N4-F1A-X373 101NN-K3-M4-C1A-TT

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About Us

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