AXLDE/ASFE battery operated electromagnetic flow meter/sanit

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AXLDE ASFE battery operated electromagnetic flow meter/sanitary digital water flow meter

AXLDE intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
we are using the most advanced technology research and development of all intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, its wholly Chinese electromagnetic converter core with high-speed central processor. Very fast calculation speed, high precision measurement and reliable performance.Converter circuit design using international advanced technology, high input impedance of 10 ^ 6Ω, the common-mode rejection ratio better than 100db, for external interference and 60Hz / 50Hz interference suppression is better than 90db, you can measure the fluid medium flow lower conductivity. Its non-uniform magnetic field sensor technology and special magnetic structure, the magnetic field is stable and reliable, and large reduced volume, reduced duplication and meter the flow of small features. Allows customers to buy the rest assured that peace of mind, the Heart service is my company's purpose.

1. No moving parts, unimpeded flow of parts, measuring almost no additional pressure loss.
2. measurements and velocity distribution of physical parameters of fluid pressure, temperature, density and viscosity
3. In the field online range according to the actual needs.
4. High resolution backlit LCD display, Chinese and English menu operation, easy to use, simple to operate, easy to understand.
5. During the use of SMD and surface mount, high reliability SMT circuit.
6. The use of 16 bit embedded microprocessors, fast speed right, high precision, programmable low-frequency square wave excitation frequency and improve the stability of flow measurement, low power consumption.
7. all-digital processing, anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy flow measurement range up to 150:
8. Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, power supply voltage range, anti-EMC good.
9. The interior has three totalizer can show a positive amount and the difference between the cumulative volume totalizer, the internal clock has not power down, it can record 16 power-down time.
10. With RS485, RS232, Hart, and Modbus and other digital communication signal output.

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