Piston pressure gauge piston calibration gauge accuracy class 0.02 0.05

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Piston pressure gauge piston calibration gauge accuracy class 0.02 0.05

Performance characteristics
Fully consistent with the JJG59-2007 "piston type pressure gauge", JJG99-2006 "weight" national metrology verification regulation, the use of my factory 50 years of the core technology of piston type pressure gauge.
The piston and the piston cylinder is made of high strength alloy steel, and tungsten carbide materials with high hardness and low temperature linear expansion coefficient, small deformation, thermal expansion coefficient is small, thus ensuring the effective area of the piston cycle change rate so as to ensure that the piston pressure gauge with high sensitivity.
The piston and the piston cylinder by precision grinding, the roundness error and the gap is very small, medium with sebacic acid fat and low viscosity, thus greatly improving the piston rotation duration, and correspondingly reduces the piston down speed, improve the discriminability of piston.
The effective area of the piston is relatively small, so the total weight of the weight is relatively small, and the labor intensity is saved.
By using the pallet load directly, the additional vertical force is avoided, the weight of the weight is reduced, and the lateral additional error of the weight is reduced accordingly. Make the piston more stable.
Displacement sensor is used to monitor the working position of piston, which has the advantages of sensitivity, eye-catching and accuracy. The weights have been modified by the pressure deformation coefficient and local gravity acceleration.
Inspection of piston measuring system only when inspecting, small volume and light weight.

Model   YS-6 YS-60 YS-250 YS-600
Technical parameters Unit
Measuring range
    0.04-0.6MPa 0.1-6MPa 0.5-25MPa 1-60MPa
Nominal upper limits MPa 0.6 1.6 25 60
Nominal lower limits MPa 0.04 0.1 0.5 1
Measurement upper limits MPa 0.6 6 60 60
Measurement lower limits MPa 0.04 0.1 0.5 1
Piston nominal area CM2 1 1 0.5 0.1
Chassis and piston Pressure MPa  0.04 0.5 0.5 1
  Pressure Mpa  0.001;0.05 0.1;0.5 0.5;2.5 1;5
  Quantity Pc 6;10 4;11 4;9 4;11
Connection   M20*1.5 M20*1.5 M20*1.5 M20*1.5
Weight kg 35 65 75 95

Piston pressure gauge piston calibration gauge piston calibration manometer

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