China iron case pressure gauge stainless steel case pressure gauge

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China iron case  pressure gauge stainless steel case pressure gauge

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Y series General Service Pressure Gauge suitable for the non-explosion, non-crystal,
non-solid and non-corrosion to the copper alloy. The pressure system consists of socket,
bourdon tube and transfer mechanism and show the value through the pointer.
The pressure gauge of 60, 100, and 150mm has many ways to mount: bottom mounting,
bottom mounting with back flange, bottom panel mounting with front flange, back mounting,
back panel mounting with front flange and so on.

Accuracy: ф60、2.5%,ф100、ф150、1.5%
Range: Negative pressure -0.1-0;-0.1-0.06 to -0.1-2.4MPa positive pressure ф60 0-0.1 to
-0.1-2.4MPa positive pressure ф60 0-0.1 to Working pressure: Steady: 3/4 of full scale value;
Fluctuating: 2/3 of full scale value;
Short time: full scale value.
Ambient temperature: -40~70℃
(Relative humidity ≤ 85%)
Temperature impact: The temperature change is not more than0.6%/10℃ when the temperature deviates from 20 ± 5℃.
Bourdon tube/socket: Soft soldering for phosphor bronze bourdon tube and brass socket. High temperature type, 40% Silver soldering available for Stainless Steel. Bourdon tube. Internals: Copper alloy, right-handed machine. Case: ST13 black plastic plated. Dial: white, aluminium with black calibration line. Pointer: Aluminium, black. Window: common glass Connection: 60 M14 × 1.5; 100/150 M20 × 1.5 Other standard available.

China iron case  pressure gauge stainless steel case pressure gauge

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